February 2014 Newsletter

Happy 18th Anniversary New Light Metropolitan Community Church!

We celebrate our 18th year as a church February 11, 2014.

Come Sunday, February 9 to help us celebrate this milestone.


MCC Flame
February 2014


Sundays -- MORNING SERVICES -- 10:30 AM



Our Evening Circle Bible Study gathers at 6:30 pm and begins at 7:00 pm.
Feel free to bring your dinner and/or a snack to share.


Sunday, February 2 -- WORSHIP PLANNING TEAM MEETING -- 12:00 PM



Bring your non-perishable food donations to help out our Food Pantry.


Sunday, February 23 -- BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING -- 12:00 PM
Our Board of Directors are:
Arlene Leon, Moderator; Cheryl Evans, Treasurer;
Harold Gress, Secretary; Terry Schildt, Buildings Management;
Bruce Brooks, Lay Delegate.
This is an open meeting. All are welcome to attend.
See Harold Gress if you are interested in joining this group which meets ever fourth Sunday of each month.
... MORE TO COME ...
February Events
10:30 AM - Services
7:00 PM - Evening Circle
Bible Study
Sat., Feb. 1 & 15
9:30 AM - Food Pantry
Food & Friends
Sun., Feb. 2
12:00 PM - Worship Planning Team Meeting
Sun., Feb. 23
12:00 PM - Board of Directors Meeting
Meditation Group
Cancelled this Month
Pacesetter Church
2013 Generous in Faith
Visit our Website,
for our calendar of events.
Visit us on Facebook for up-to-date notices:

February Birthdays


Feb. 13 - Barry K. / Brian P.
Feb. 16 - Debbie S.

Please join us in wishing these fine folks

a Happy Birthday!

If your or another member's birthday or anniversary does not appear please email newlightmcc@hotmail.com and help us update our information.
2nd Sunday Food Pantry Donation Day

The second Sunday of each month is our Food Pantry Donation Day. Please drop off your non-perishable food donations into the designated box in the Library.


Sound & Music Leader Team Help
Help is needed on the Sound Team to help run the sound system each Sunday. Weeks are alternated between members and training is provided. Please see Paul Breakiron for more information. Volunteers are also needed to help lead the congregation in song. See Howard Dunn if you'd like to volunteer.
Movie Fundraiser
Please be sure to pickup or download a Movie Fundraiser Card and use it each time you see a movie at Leitersburg Cinemas. Our Scholarship Fund earns $1.00 for each movie seen with use of the Movie Fundraiser Card. The last three month period raised $56.00.
(Ignore the expiration date ... they do.)
Gardners Candy Fundraiser Starts
We will be starting our Fundraiser for the Deacons Food Pantry Fund on Sunday, February 9th. If you wish to sell or wish to buy please see Deacon Harry Brubaker for details on when orders are due and when candy will be delivered.


A volunteer or two is needed to remove trash from the back of the church on a regular basis. See one of the Board Members to volunteer or for more info.


Don't forget to sign up to volunteer to help with worship each month. We will no longer "hit you up at the door when you come into worship'' to volunteer each Sunday morning. We have a signup "clipboard" which will be passed each Sunday for those who wish to help out during service (announcements, readings, holders, ushers, etc.). Backups are important also. If positions aren't filled up the worship coordinator for the month will personally ask individuals. Leslie Sease is our Worship Coordinator for this next quarter.


Pick up "The Sunday News" each Sunday before services to keep up to date on weekly events or announcements. Also Financial information is included in the handout.

We are still taking used ink cartridges so we may recycle them at Staples for their Rewards program and continue to pay for our new printer cartridges thru that program.

stewardship check
Be sure to download your "My Time And Talent" Check
This program allows New Light MCC to keep track of our congregation's volunteer service which will greatly help us in the future with applying for grants for our church and ministries. The forms are to be filled out by church members anytime they volunteer in the church or the community. They can be placed in the collection plate each week or they can be turned into the office or any Stewardship member.

Until next month...

Thank you New Light MCCers for the gifts and talents you bring to our church body so that we might take the message of God's love into our community, our country, and our world!


Religion is a compass, not a harness, let your heart explore. You have the freedom to break the chains of religion that might have held you captive so you can find the YOU that God intended you to be!




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